Your Clutter and Debt Go Hand in Hand. The American Buying Cycle

It’s easy to lose money. Gambling, bad investments, even losing your wallet.

One thing you probably don’t consider is losing items in your house that cause you to spend more money.

This probably happens to you more than you think.

How many times have you paid a bill late because you misplaced it?

Think of the times you purchased something you forgot you already own because it was hidden back in a closet or buried in a cabinet?

How many gift cards expired before you found them again as they were shoved in a drawer and hidden below old take-out menus and stale gum?

That lottery ticket you were always going to cash.

Those receipts you accidentally tossed that would have helped you with your taxes.

That coffee punch card you filled and never brought back before they closed out.

Grandma’s check you never cashed.

You broke Grandma’s heart.

Right now, you’re probably remembering a lot of these in your head. Especially that Outback Steak house card from Christmas ’08. You can taste the Awesome Blossom as we speak.

So, let’s stop that. You can stop the cycle. It’s time to inventory your life and let go of the clutter. A minimalistic lifestyle can lead to minimalistic spending. You’ll not only notice an increase in savings, but an increase in mental health. Clutter creates anxiety and depression. This contributes to the cycle as we often make indulgent purchases to make ourselves feel better, adding to the clutter, making ourselves feel worse.

Intent is here to help and all via the ease of your smart phone. Our mobile app is coming. It’s going to help you de-clutter your life and put an end to that spending cycle.

Bills will get paid on time.

Redundant purchases will end.

Grandma’s birthday check will get cashed.
You’ll be surprised how free space in your home or office can improve your state of mind. It’s an easy process and Intent is here to help.