Clever Projects For DVD Cases

You just read our article “Are You A DVD Case Hoarder?” and now you’re wondering what those tasty tidbits were that we mentioned when it came to the extra cases. Well here they are.

One we really enjoy is the Travel Art Case. This is one of those ‘two birds, one stone’. You’ll know this if you’ve ever had to clean up crayons from the back of your car. It’s a fun project for you and your kids to create and a fun item for them to use. Upcycling an item you almost threw away makes you feel pretty good as well.

How about a handbag? This is a pretty simple and super handy way to show off your favorite films while having a little storage for the important goods. You can have a bag to match every outfit. Caddyshack goes with Golf pants. Eat, Pray, Love goes with your favorite linen pants. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, well… that just goes with everything.

They are all off the shelf, but who gets to still see them? Well, how about everyone. Cut them out, play a little DVD cover Tetris and place them in a frame.

You can do them individually too. Plus they look just like mini movie posters.

Did you know these things essentially were made to be Dry Erase Boards? Tiny, big, long, tall. Any size you need. Just attach them to a wall in the shape you need and your The Office DVD collection will make you an instant office.

There are unlimited ideas for the cases and far too many to list. But there’s one more we want to show case. One you wish you would have thought of yourself.

Keep greasy handprints off the side of your iPad with this super simple and amazing idea. Use tape, string or anything to form a triangle, and you’re ready to go. You just saved yourself $24.95.

Of course, you might be getting rid of the actual DVDs themselves if you were open to burn DVDs to a drive as we suggested. So you ask, where in the heck to I begin to start that process?

It’s easier than you think. You’ll need:


A DVD reader for your computer

Your DVDs (obviously)

A 3TB Hard drive (this one is priced right and built like a brick)

A DVD Ripping software. We won’t waste your time on this. There are many to choose from but Handbrake is by far our favorite. It’s pretty simple to use too.


Insert your DVD. Stop it from autoplaying.

Open HandBrake.

Choose the file you want to rip by pressing the file icon on the left upon startup.

Press the Browse button and choose the destination to save the stored file.

Click Save after making the selection.

Press Start Encode at the top to begin ripping the DVD.

Wash hands, repeat.

It’s a bit of work to get your collection in digital storage, but worth the effort.

Like we said, we know there are dozens of ideas to upcycle your DVDs. If you have a favorite we didn’t list, let us know in the comments below.