Are You Hoarding DVD Cases? There’s Hope

Be Kind, Rewind.

Okay, that not really as relevant as it used to be. But there’s still a bit of courtesy when watching films at home, or on the road. It’s placing the DVD back in the right cover. But as we know, it doesn’t always happen. They either end up in the wrong case or in a stack with other abandoned movies to above the player. The DVD case is becoming outdated as the VHS itself.

But there’s good reason for this. For the most part, they take up so much room. They dominate shelves or dresser drawers. They build a fence around your TV because tomorrow you’re going to put them away.

Or maybe it’s the day after… but you’ll get them.

Before we get deep into a solution. Let’s admit something. DVD covers can be pretty cool. The movie art we see on our favorite films can induce emotions a sense of pride. We watch them over and over. Quote them to our friends and rewatch them with someone new. We buy box sets because of the goodies they come with and the amazing packaging surrounding it. So when we start suggesting what we’re going to suggest, don’t gasp with fear. But we’re also going to offer some pretty cool solutions.

Now to the tough love. It’s time to move on to a life without the cases.

There’s a lot of solutions for this. We’re going to talk about our two favorites. The first is solution that will probably take you back to the days of high school. A CD binder. One of those zippable folders you used to store all your mix-cds in. Turn your life-long passion for movie collection into a portable film museum. These are great for road-trips with kids. And putting a movie back takes second, you only need an empty slot.

We can pretend you’re going to maintain some sort of alphabetical order with these, but who are we fooling. The easy of storage will consume you and you’ll just grab and stash.

Not only will this make watching films easier, it will prolong the life of your DVD. Never again will it live on a shelf making dust circles, getting scratched and sun-bleached.

Now, let’s talk option two we love. This one takes a bit of work. But the results will save far more space, and make you a little money at the same time.

Burning all your films to a hard drive.

We live in a video on demand world. You may have got all the way to this point of the article and said “Wait Intent! I don’t even owe DVDs! All my stuff is on the cloud!”

Well, it’s that age. We don’t walk into video stores anymore. We stream online. We watch Netflix or buy them on iTunes. Everyone has their own format.

When you’re online.

What if you’re NOT online? What if you were at the mercy of an wireless environment? Road trips, strange locations? Even internet outages? What if ever film you own could easily fit in your pocket? In return, you could garage sell or ebay off your collection for a pretty penny?

Burning your movies to a hard drive, to be played back on a laptop or TVs is a pretty awesome solution for all the room those cases are taking up. It’ll be some work, but it’ll be worth it.

Speaking of those cases. What if you DIDN’T have to throw them again? What if you could do some pretty awesome things with them? We have some great ideas for you. This is what we call a teaser, but we won’t be talking about those until our next article. But we assure you, it’ll be worth the wait.

But in the meantime, look at your DVD collection and think about the last time you watched even 10 of those films. Think even more about the ones your lost or destroyed over time. Then think, goodbye Cool Jams 04! It’s time to make some space for Space Balls.